What You Need to Know About Attention Deficit Disorder and Addiction

Welcome to the Home Page for Attention Deficit Disorder and Addiction Awareness. This site is dedicated to my son, Chad Kesler. It is designed to provide an awareness concerning ADD with its potential complications of low self esteem, depression, addiction and/or relationship difficulties.

Have you ever wondered:

  • If your child, or other family members, may have ADD
  • What symptoms and/or signs may indicate a potential diagnosis of ADD or ADHD
  • How ADD is diagnosed
  • If ADD is an over diagnosed excuse for bad behavior or bad parenting
  • Why Attention Deficit Disorder is more prevalent now then ever before
  • If there is an increased probability of addiction for ADD individuals
  • If prescription medicines are dangerous and if there are any good alternatives

Sometimes love is not enough. Advocating for your child is very important, however, it’s critical that you are focusing on the right questions and the right solutions.

Chad's Attention Deficit Disorder lead to an addiction in his teenage years, an addiction that would steal his life in four short months. I hope that my experience and research may provide awareness for other parents so that they will not suffer the frustration, needless loss and incredible sadness that were a part of our lives.

Chad Kesler

Never give up on yourself or your loved ones!

Attention Deficit Disorder and Addiction, Chad's Story
My son struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder and Addiction. He lost his battle to crack in four months.
Have you wondered if Attention Deficit Disorder is really a disorder or just an excuse for unmotivated and disorganized individuals who are always experiencing challenges and problems?
ADD and Addiction Are Related
Symptoms of ADD and Addiction include Depression and Brain Chemistry Imbalances.
Addiction Is Defined As An Obsession of the Mind and a Compulsion of the Body
Addiction is a complicated dis-ease caused by imbalances in the brain and body chemistry further complicated by depression and other mental disorders such as ADD, ADHD and Biopolar.
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Pros and Cons
Statistics for recovery rates vary from one drug and alcohol rehab to another. Ask the right questions.
Understanding Brain Chemistry
Did you ever wonder what Brain Chemistry means and why imbalances can cause ADD, Addictions, Heart Disease, Depression and literally all dis-ease in the mind and body? This is Brain Chemistry 101.
Mental Depression is Real
Understanding the underlying causes and types of mental depression can help you to manage this disorder that is quickly threatening to become an epidemic
Loss of a Child
Grieving the loss of a child is a parents' greatest fear. Grieving is an experience that few will escape but it doesn’t have to steal your life.
ADD Awareness by Mother who lost son
Wants to help others with ADD awareness as it relates to Addiction and Depression
ADD Site Blog
The ADD Site Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the pages of the ADD-and-Addiction.com Web Site.
Grieving loss of a child
If you are grieving the loss of a child, there are healthy ways to grieve and then there are destructive ways to grieve.