Chad's Attention Deficit Disorder and Addiction Steals His Life in Four Months

If your search has lead you to this site, you are probably concerned for yourself or a loved one who may be experiencing problems as a result of Attention Deficit Disorder and addiction, which may include depression along with other symptoms.

My intention for this web site is to provide you with the following information:

Although this web site addresses addiction extensively, my primary focus will be awareness concerning Attention Deficit Disorder and why those who have it are not only more likely to experience low self esteem, depression, and addictions, but also relationship and job issues, trouble with the law and untimely death.

Chad experienced all of the above symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder at one time or another. I would never have thought untimely death would be one of them. Even as I say this I realize that the risk taking behavior and probability of addiction would raise the odds of anyone with ADD being vulnerable to accidents.

Chad Kesler was my son. I'm sharing Chad's Story in order to provide insight into the struggles of growing up ADD and becoming involved with an addictive substance that you can't handle or control. You may recognize certain predictable resemblances between his story and yours. If so, I would like to impress upon you a sense of urgency for prevention or mitigation before the symptoms of ADD undermind your child's health and happiness as a teenager.

Have you ever noticed:

  • How your child can be focused in their interests and so unfocused and unmotivated in school and the interests of others
  • That your child can't seem to complete one task let alone a second
  • That your child struggles in school, drags homework out for hours only to forget to turn it in the next day
  • That your sweet, smart and talented child has grown into a teenager who lies compulsively and is angry and frustrated

I've taken the time to design this web site for two important reasons:

  1. To express how important it is that you find the appropriate help for your loved one; and
  2. To encourage you to be an advocate, do your homework, and never trust the 'experts' more than your own intuition. No one knows your loved one like you do.
  3. My hope is to provide you with insight that can prevent these life challenges with early intervention. If someone you love has become addicted to alcohol or drugs, I sincerely hope that I can provide resources for a better understanding of addiction so that they may receive the help that will make long term sobriety a probability versus a possibility.

    Does it always feel like your family life is on a roller coaster ride? Does this sound like your child? Chad had a blessed life, raised in the mountains of Colorado. He was sweet, sensitive and incredibly focused in things he was passionate about while remaining unfocused and unmotivated in most other areas. He was smart but because he learned differently and tested poorly, he grew up with an inferiority complex academically that touched everything he did. Chad was a big brother for those who were bullied because he knew how 'less than' felt. He was incredibly athletic and creative. He loved to draw, do any art project and work on engines. He also liked to live life on the edge and loved anything fast.

    I have come to realize that while life doesn't owe us anything, we do owe life something. We need to take a stand for things that matter and advocate for those we love. Parents can't afford to be naive. Hope springs eternal and we want to believe that everything is going to work itself out. Chad and I were very close and I knew his stand against drugs all through High School. I always trusted that he would come to me when he was in trouble. I was naive. We all make mistakes. Accidents happen in a minute. Chad made a fatal mistake when a peer offered him Crack while he was under the influence of a prescription pain killer.

    I am not professing to know all of the answers. While every case of ADD is similar, it is as different as each individual and their experiences with it. I have experience, research and hindsight on my side. You have time on yours. I hope that my hindsight may become your spring board to action. By sharing this information and some great resources, I hope that you will find your own truth, some hope and peace in your life.

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