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Grieving loss of a child

If you are grieving the loss of a child, there are healthy ways to grieve and then there are destructive ways to grieve.

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Healing Blog

Please visit my new interactive Healing Blog entitled GOOD GRIEF. You'll find my most recent posts located here relative to the Grieving Process, Healing Mind, Body and Spirit and philosophy in general.

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Loss of a Child

Grieving the loss of a child is a parents' greatest fear. Grieving is an experience that few will escape but it doesn’t have to steal your life.

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Drug and Alcohol Depression

What comes first with Alcohol Depression; alcohol addiction or depression?

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Spiritual Awareness as it Relates to Body and Mind

Spiritual awareness is as individual as we are. I am sharing an outline from my research hoping that it may be helpful in better understanding Consciousness and the Body, Mind Relationship.

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Addiction Is Defined As An Obsession of the Mind and a Compulsion of the Body

Addiction is a complicated dis-ease caused by imbalances in the brain and body chemistry further complicated by depression and other mental disorders such as ADD, ADHD and Biopolar.

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ADD Awareness by Mother who lost son

Wants to help others with ADD awareness as it relates to Addiction and Depression

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One of my favorite pages

Have you read this page about what life can be like with the optimal chemical balance? Check it out!

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