American Lifestyles Cause Unprecedented Health Issues

Please know that this is my personal point of view with regard to the health issues which plague Americans today. Allow me a moment to piggy back on Julia’s prediction regarding health issues.

It seems to me that “the American way” while it is admirable in so many aspects, has summoned a price to pay for its decadence. Ironically, we are killing ourselves by trying to live better lives. We strive for all of the comforts and conveniences and in the striving, our lives spiral more out of control. For the most part, we are an instant gratification society which has forgotten how to find pleasure in the simple things and the sanctity in quiet time.

Most of us would agree that our stress levels, environment, personal and work habits, government and lack of personal responsibility have deeply affected our physical and mental health. The proof is in the statistics of increasing disease and depression.

Our fiercely competitive, materialistic, enterprising, and innovative natures -the traits inherited from our ancestors -once made us an admirable international power. Now we find our independent natures are critical in maintaining control of our personal health choices as lobbyist attempt to manipulate our governmental agencies for their own gain. Luckily, many of us are fighting back. Many of us, particularly our elders, are like lambs being lead to slaughter while the majority of us are only marginally aware of the magnitude of corruption at play. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea what to do about it.

While there are many positives to life in the 21st Century, many of us are aware that there are components that should cause concern. These are a few aspects that I feel are detrimental to our well being:

  • Pollution: Add pollutants and chemicals and the delicate balance of our immune systems and body chemistry become compromised causing dis-ease, which our Doctors treat with drugs which creates further imbalances (side affects) which we treat with more chemicals.

    Concerns are: 1) quality and quantity of oxygen 2) our water is not only polluted with fertilizers, pharmaceutical drugs, plastic and industrial waste but harmful chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride have been added to protect us from the mishandling of our environment; 3) possible global weather and ozone changes; 4) toxic metals such as lead and Mercury, to name a couple, that are believed to be one of the leading causes of brain imbalances and disease.

  • Diet: Our FDA has approved over 4000 food additives and preservatives while Europe has approved 19. Europe cited 1 in 2000 having ADD while the US cites 1 in 4. (1) The effects of plastic, along with hormone and antibiotic injected meat, are resulting in unhealthy estrogen dominance in males as well as females. A book that spells this out specifically is "Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax".

    We’re all familiar with diet issues: 1) fast food, empty calories, and too much sugar and caffeine; 2) nutrient depleted soils result in nutrient depleted fresh foods; 3) Dairy processes cause lactose intolerance and allergic reactions, which are a constant drain on endorphins. Pasteurization was implemented in order to protect us from unsafe dairy processes. The end result is not only a product wherein heat has killed the valuable and nutritious enzymes but the dead bacteria causes our bodies to have allergic reactions. The Homogenization process detrimentally affects our arteries and contributes to heart disease. You may wish to read about raw milk products; 5) Hormone and antibiotic injected meat may become mandatory to protect us against unsafe handling of meat; and, of course, 6) the undermining of our immune system under constant assault by pesticides, food additives, preservatives and genetically modified foods, such as corn.

    Most of us believe that we need vitamins and supplements but if we don't educate ourselves, some of these products may not be synthesized correctly, causing toxic build up or alternatively, no nutritional benefit whatsoever. Nonetheless, we should all be concerned about government interference with our right to buy over the counter supplements and vitamins.

    See Dr. Mercola's article regarding farming and diet health issues. Or for a real shock, rent the movie Food, Inc.

  • Lifestyles: In our drive for material things or simply survival, the luxury of finding time for daily relaxation and exercise often falls by the way side. This has caused innumerable health consequences, physical as well as mental.

    Few Americans are able to expect or enjoy a long and relaxing vacation that truly rejuvenates us such as is the practice for Europeans. Our fast paced lives seem to be unduly influenced by the athletic and extracurricular activities of our children, making it a rarity when a family actually sits down to share a meal together or enjoys time away from the T.V. or computer. How and when will out children learn to appreciate the value of the simple things in life and learn to experience gratitude or a spiritual connection?

  • Technology: We all know the positive affects of technology but the adverse affects may include: 1) magnetic fields and micro-waves. (See brain cancer has now surpassed Leukemia as the number one cancer killer of children; 2) particularly with the younger generations, technology has facilitated personal isolation. Even when they are together, you'll find them in separate conversations on their cells phones; 3) cells and video games cause constant interruption and overwhelm from multi-tasking, changing brain circuitry; 5) no escape or down time as your smart phones go with you everywhere every day; 6) providing instant and constant media, usually negative; and 7) promoting lack of physical activity and possible obesity.

  • Government: Last but not least, this is a big subject. I’ll restrain my comments to the subject at hand, health issues. By relinquishing any personal responsibility, we’ve become victims to corrupt industries that monopolize and manipulate our government.

    Our Western Medicine has always been primarily reactive versus preventative and works under the assumption that your body is broken. Slowly, we are seeing change. Drugs rarely, if ever, help the body heal but rather replace something with a synthetic substance, causing side affects or block something, changing how delicate systems are meant to function. Pharmaceutical Drug Companies (Big Pharma), due to the inexorbitant expense of sponsoring long term studies, are the primary source of study results which will become documented into medical journals. Due to low profit, in the past there has been no incentive for business to perform expensive studies on natural supplements that cannot be patented. In fact, I’m sure you’ve heard that Codex and the FDA, with the endorsement of Big Pharma, are now seeking to control the sale of vitamins and supplements, thereby squashing our holistic options.

    Understandably, Doctors rely on the studies conducted by Big Pharma when prescribing medications. Most are not comfortable prescribing natural supplements without documented studies outlining possible side effects, dosages and the quality of the product.

    We’ve all heard and read the warnings and long lists of side effects for prescription drugs. Do not be lulled into believing that just because a Doctor prescribes a drug that you won’t pay a price for taking it. Because we want instant relief for our symptoms, we are more likely to pop a pill, temporarily relieving symptoms, then we are to heal the underlying problems.

    I’m sure we all know of aging parents who are given one prescription medication to counteract the imbalances caused by another prescription medication. These drugs are usually band aid therapy and generally are not able to regenerate balance to a system that is already in trouble. This doesn’t mean that the drug isn’t necessary for that individual in order to function. Our more progressive Doctors may choose to use a sythentic medicine until such time as they are able to implement a more holistic and healing approach. We have all used pain medication and are thankful to have it. We just need to keep in mind that there may be a healthier alternative.

    At the end of the day, it seems to me that the FDA and Medical Profession are all following the directive of Big Pharma. Holistic alternatives, since insurance won't pay for them, have become an unaffordable option to many.

    If you have found this site, you are most likely already aware of most of these health issues and more. I would urge you to focus on the positive and take personal responsibility for your health issues. We can't blindly trust our medical industries and systems without then becoming exploitable. While there is certainly a time and place for prescription drugs, keep in mind that the motivation of Pharmaceutical Companies, a business, will always be money, not healing people. In fact, un-well people will continue to line their coiffeurs. It is said that it is within each of us to heal ourselves. Pay attention to what your body is telling you.