These are additional studies of treatment based on psychological approaches:

  • US Government Figures from the Rand Corp. 1980 Study; 922 patients from 8 major treatment centers (males);
    6 months:28% abstinent; 1 year: 21% abstinent; 4 years 7% abstinent

  • Dr. Geroge Vailant's 1983 study: 100 alcoholics from Cambridge, Sommerville Program for Alcohol Rehabilitation; 2 years later:
    81% remained alcohol dependant (19% success rate)

  • Dr's. Gerard & Saenger 1962; Followed 299 treated alcoholics;
    1 year:55 still abstinent (18% success rate)

  • Dr. Emrich in 1975; A review on 384 separate studies of psychologically based alcoholic treatment programs; Changes in psychological treatment methods did not effect outcome.
    Mean average: 23% abstinence of social drinking

  • New England Journal of Medicine study in 1985; A review of 1,290 patients from four treatment centers; 5-7 years:
    15% abstinent, 13% dead (1 hospital had a 43% mortality rate!)

  • Note: These studies predate the present philosophy in the treatment industry coined "duel diagnosis," i.e. using drugs to treat alcohol and drug addiction. Our observations reveal shifting addicts to other drugs compounds the problems of their original addiction without bringing a long-term solution. (1)


    I am extracting a list of Nutritional Rehabilitation Centers from Julia Ross’s book, Mood Cures and Joan Larson's web site Before I list these Holistic drug rehabs, I’d just like to say that I am comfortable that Julia and Joan have researched this list of centers very thoroughly. I was pleased to see that their references included every book I’ve read times a hundred or more. Julia's book includes a list of strategies you can use at home and a phone number (800) 287-0906 for information on U.S. IV detox. “Important Note: This initial detox-only procedure must be followed with oral supplements, a pro-recovery diet, counseling, and peer support” (2)

    Holistic Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Centers

    Recovery Systems, Mill Valley, CA (415) 383-36511 or

    This is Julia Ross’s outpatient clinic where she provides assessment, nutritional therapy (including IV Amino Acids) for detox and long term recovery combining psychological and spiritual components.

    Health Recovery Center, Minneapolis, MN (800) 554-9155

    This is Joan Larson’s Center and includes a six week outpatient program combining high quality nutritional therapy (including IV nutrients) with psychological components.

    Holistic Inpatient Treatment Programs

    Desert Canyon Treatment Center, Sedona, AZ-(888) 811-8371 or desert

    This is not a Twelve Step program but they will transport. It is a full-scale nutritional and medical support with counseling and education programs plus holistic treatments.

    Bridging the Gaps, Winchester, VA (866) 711-1234

    Intensive and long-term residential and outpatient programs with nutritional (IV nutrients used extensively) and holistic medical support, counseling and Twelve Step support.

    InnerBalance Health Center, Fort Collins, CO (877) 900-7848 or

    Includes intensive five week inpatient and outpatient programs including nutritional therapy (IV amino acids) along with holistic treatment, counseling, and Twelve Step support.

    Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers, Seattle, Washington

    Comprehensive Medical Care, Amityville, NY.

    Twelve Step and Other Peer Support Programs

    Alcoholics Anonymous, (Web site has links to different states)

    Narcotics Anonymous, (818) 773-9999 X 771

    Marijuana Anonymous (800) 766-6779

    Women for Sobriety (215) 536-8026


    (1) check for an article called "Taking the Cure" located on this site under related articles

    (2) Mood Cures by Julia Ross, M.A.